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Seller Policy

1. What Can be sold - Digital Quilt Patterns

Quilt Pattern Mart is a marketplace to sell digital quilt patterns. We optimize for the digital experience and allow designers to sell their patterns directly to members. 

2. What cannot be sold

Even if they meet other criteria, items that are not digital Quilt Patterns (or patterns for quilted items), items that are not your original work, and items that you do not control the intellectual property of cannot be sold. Sellers are responsible for verifying they have the right to sell any content they list. Members can flag listings, and Quilt pattern Mart can suspend or terminate any listing. 

3. Representing yourself and your listings

Pattern designers must provide honest, accurate descriptions of their patterns, items, and information about pattern testing. They also should not coordinate prices with other sellers. 

4. Communicating with buyers and other sellers

When responding to reviews or comments, sellers must represent themselves as the designer on both their listings and others, and may not interfere with other seller’s ability to sell their listings. Sellers may not promote other items or services to members without explicit permission to do so. Harassment is strictly prohibited, and will result in terminating all of a seller’s listings. 

5. Data Privacy

Quilt Pattern Mart cares deeply about the privacy of buyers and sellers. Sellers receive information for all buyers who opt in to share their information. 

6. Adding and removing content

First time sellers must fill out the following form to be considered to be added to the marketplace. After you have been added as a seller, please fill out the following form to add, edit or remove listings. 


Seller FAQ

Why list your products on Quilt Pattern Mart?

As a marketplace built by quilters for quilters, we have found the key to successfully selling patterns is to show your pattern is high quality, accurate, technically edited and pattern tested. When you list a new pattern, we ask you to include this information.

Can I have my own storefront?

Each designer has a page for only your listed patterns--it can be filtered and linked to from anywhere. We encourage our designers to promote their patterns, and we make it easy to link to a landing page with just your patterns, or to specific patterns you promote on Instagram or your favorite social media platform. 

How do I list my PDF patterns for sale on Quilt Pattern Mart?

Please email and she will send you details and answer any more specific questions you have.

Those details will include a link to upload your profile as a designer and a link to upload your patterns. After that it is just a matter of time for before they appear on the site (note: this usually takes around 2-3 business days for a new designer but may take longer during school holidays and summer vacation).


Seller Payment Policy

How much do I get from each pattern sold?

For each transaction you pay:

- 9%: Quilt  Pattern Mart

- $.70: Payment processing


Price Example: You sell a pattern for $10, you get $8.40:

$10 [Purchase Price] - $0.90 [Quilt Pattern Mart Fee] - $.70 [payment processing fee]= $8.40 [Your Portion]

How will I get paid?

Quilt Pattern Mart will use Zelle and/or check to pay designers with US bank accounts. International designers will be paid via banking apps.

When will I get paid?

Quilt Pattern Mart will pay out monthly by the 10th of each month for the previous month's sales for US based designers. This means that sales for the month of January will be paid out by February 10th. Designers based internationally will be paid out quarterly to save on additional fees incurred by international banking, but by the 10th of the month following the end of each quarter.