Collection: Sugar Sand Quilt Co. - Becca Fenstermaker

I’ve always appreciated a good story, and what’s better than a story that you get to tell with fabric?

My goal isn’t just to tell my own story, but to inspire others to tell theirs. I’m Becca Fenstermaker, a quilter since 2011 who lives on a cranberry farm in southern NJ.

I grew up listening to the sound of my mother’s sewing machine as I drifted off to sleep, and later I loved to pet the fabrics at the store where she worked. As an adult, I learned to sew my own maternity pants, then Halloween costumes for my two children, but didn’t take up quilting until after visiting a local show with my mom. I appreciated the beauty of the quilts, of course, but what I became obsessed with was reading the stories that accompanied each piece.

Since then, I’ve made quilts from many designers in many styles, but my true passions are stitching my own stories into fabric and helping others to put voices into their quilts, too.

What’s most important, always, is to make connections and spread the love.

I look forward to reading the stories you write with fabric and thread!