I’m Charles Cameron, a modern quilter who shares my creative work under the Instagram handle @feltlikesweets. I’m an Engineer by training and work with the left side of my brain all day. In my free time, I tend toward creative endeavors to exercise the right side of my brain and to maintain balance.

My wife and I have two young daughters who are my creative inspirations. Their playful experimentation and approach toward learning has continued to show me that not knowing how to do something can be a powerful enabler toward creating something extraordinary: to not be bound by ‘the ways that others do things,’ or ‘the ways that things ought to be done.’ And most importantly to view mistakes and mishaps as lessons and opportunities rather than failures.

My work explores the use of bright colors and color value placement to enhance more traditional quilt patterns and quilt block design. I’m not afraid of bending what ‘should be’ a straight line.

My quilts have been published in Curated Quilts, a quarterly journal of and for modern quilters, and have been juried into QuiltCon, the world’s largest modern quilt show, presented by The Modern Quilt Guild. I’ve written and published quilt patterns of my own design and have appeared or participated in several quilting media outlets to share my work and promote modern quilting.

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  • Crooked Crosses and Bent Boxes
    Crooked Crosses and Bent Boxes
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