Collection: Capital A Quilts -- Mr. A

Augusto Garcia is the founder of Capital A Quilts. He has a degree in Fine Arts and he has worked as a designer for 20 years in the field of Brand Architecture and Graphic Design, building stands and exhibitions all over the world.

In 2020, when the Covid 19 pandemic broke out, and we were forced to seclude ourselves in our homes, he started sewing and discovered the world of modern quilting and its artistic possibilities. And what interested him the most was the pattern design and writing.

He likes to apply his knowledge of architecture and graphic design to quilt design, as well as his extensive knowledge of Art History.

In addition to quilts, it also makes other things, such as decoration and personal care objects, such as cushions, houses for birds, toiletry bags …

Despite his short experience, his works has been published in several magazines, like Curated Quilts and Make Modern Magazine.