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I am Heather Kinion, the founder and one woman show runner around here. If this is your first time hearing of us, we are a relatively new online PDF only quilt pattern shop that hopes to give quilters a place to browse (and buy) modern quilt patterns from many different designers at one time while giving quilt designers a broader and dedicated audience of quilt makers! You can search by quilt size, if the pattern has been tested or technical edited, for a specific designer (like Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs), for block shapes, piecing styles, for pre cuts, and more. Speaking of pre cuts and Meadow Mist Designs. . .

cover of Just One Charm Pack Quilts (photo of stack of quilts)

I have been a fan of Cheryl Brickey's quilt patterns for a long time, and I was thrilled when she was one of the first designers to list her patterns here on the site, so when she told me that she had a book coming out and that she was looking for participants in a book tour of blogs, I said, "Count me in!"

Maybe this will sound familiar, but I love to buy a charm pack (or a mini-charm pack) at quilt shop and I almost never use them--at best I break them up and mix them into my scrap bins, so I was intrigued by the possibility of Just One Charm Pack Quilts and was very excited to get a preview of the book to work with.

I picked out the pattern "Windows" to make, and I knew exactly which charm pack to start with--a hoarded Jen Kingwell "Beach Road" collection that I wanted to use all together in something wonderful. At the start of the pandemic I had bought a fairly random length of a closeout olive-y green solid from a fabric line that was no longer being manufactured (sorry, it is the perfect weird green but I literally bought the last bit of it in America over a year ago), and I was given encouragement from a friend to pair it with Kona Crocus a middling purple in your crayola box color instead of a more sedate gray that I knew would be safe. And the bold pairing was perfect for Jen Kingwell's joyful prints!!

window pane quilt set in purple and green

I love the outcome!! The pattern was fast and easy to make, and I was able to pull solids entirely from my stash (you only need about a yard of each fabric, a little more for the green). And although it looks like blocks are set on point, it is actually pieced in horizontal rows and using very basic blocks with NO setting triangle at all! I have to admit that there are 4 blocks that I screwed up in cutting the original 5" squares, so they are not perfectly crossed. One direction I cut it slightly off center, and I just kept it. I made the blocks and thought, well, it is BARELY off. Who would even notice? I mean, I think some people MIGHT notice but I decided to see how it would look with those four blocks very carefully placed in each corner. In the end, I decided it was a bit of an Easter egg and I would rather have those 4 fabrics rather than trade them out with the 10 pieces of the charm pack that I opted not to use (this pattern only need 32 squares).

This error was not at all the fault of Cheryl's pattern writing which is concise and clear. It is absolutely the fault of a mom and quilter who was trying to finish cutting the last few blocks for this quilt while arguing with a 4yo about cleaning up her toys. Quilting hot tip: don't argue with a 4you while trying to measure things!

I made a scrappy back out of some fun fabrics all old to QUITE old in my stash that are fun but not in a style I use very much for patchwork and pieced up a scrappy back pretty quickly.

scrappy pieced quilt back

In a truly wild bit of thinking, when I was planning out how I was going to quilt it, my brain got this idea of big hand quilting stitches in a matching purple to punch up that accent color, and once I thought it I knew it was what the quilt needed and I literally had bought a big fat spool of Aurifil 12wt thread in the perfect purple color. Hand quilting, perfectly what you want to do with a kid home on summer break and a deadline!! I prefer to hand quilt with wool batting (in this case Quilter's Dream Wool), and it came together rather quickly courtesy of streaming crime dramas too late after kiddo bedtime.

The pattern comes out to about 46"x 56" which is a little smaller than I would prefer a throw to be, and I wanted to add a thin border of the purple and then another border of the green that would together add up to about ten more inches in width and length, but I did not have enough of my no longer manufactured green to beef up the size, so I made it exactly as written. It is a nice cool, summer basement quilt where you want to warm your legs a bit but you don't need to wrap up like a burrito and it is the PERFECT size for a kid throw (and 4yo approved)!!

The book itself is amazing with SO MANY great projects that Cheryl showcases in more than one color scheme. I don't sew with a lot of pre cuts generally, but I LOVED this book! If you have a bunch of charm packs that are begging for use, BUY THIS BOOK! If you are looking for reasonably quick projects for gifts or charity projects or other straightforward but always cute projects, BUY THIS BOOK! Heck, if you love charm packs, BUY THIS BOOK! It is far and away the best precut quilting book I have read, just packed with cute projects that don't require much in the way of extra fabric. I absolutely recommend it. 

Quilt: "Windows" from Just One Charm Pack by Cheryl Brickey

Fabrics: 'Beach Road' charm pack by Jen Kingwell for Moda, no longer manufactured olive green solid, purple kona solid in 'Crocus'

Batting: Quilter's Dream Wool

Quilting: Hand quilted in Aurifil 12wt thread by Heather Kinion

Find Cheryl's other quilt patterns here OR shop for more patterns here!


  • That is really pretty – great choice to use the bright lime green!

  • I love the lime green background! Beautiful quilt.

  • This is my favorite quilt so far in this blog hop. I don’t know if it is the colors you used, or the pattern, but I love your quilt. Thank you also for telling us that these are not squares on point. I would never have guessed that. Your quilt and blog post are making me think more seriously about purchasing the book!

    Juliana Ellington
  • I love your windows quilt! The purple and green are great togteher and pair great with the prints. Thanks so much for being a part of this hop!

    Cheryl Brickey

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