"Why I Love This Quilt" Pool Reflections, designed by Emily Lang

"Why I Love This Quilt" Pool Reflections, designed by Emily Lang

Why I Love This Quilt:  Featuring “Pool Reflections” designed by Emily Lang

by Heather Kinion

Since starting Quilt Pattern Mart, I have worked with many pattern designers, and it might be my favorite part of the job because I love being a cheerleader for independent designers SO much!! Many of the designers I only know through email or Instagram DMs, some I have been fortunate to know in zoom get-togethers or in person at Quiltcon or if they are passing through Chicago, but there are very few who I have known for years and years. 

Emily Lang is one of them. She and I are both members of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, although she is a LONG time member, and I am a relative newbie by comparison (although not THAT new). Before QPM was a glint in my eye, I had known Emily from guild meetings and retreats and all the ways you become friends with the people in your guild.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to watch her grow as a designer as her patterns began to appear in magazines and then as stand alone patterns. And this one, this one my friends is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of hers. It is scrappy, but has such great simple straight line shapes!! It also gives me vibes of a pattern that was very popular several years ago but that wasn’t available as a stand alone pattern. This is NOT a copy of that pattern at all, they are distinctly different, but making this pattern would scratch that unnamed pattern’s itch AND you can actually purchase the pattern PLUS this is a way faster and simpler make!

I don’t know when I will make it, but I know deep down in my bones that I will make it. And I also harassed her about releasing it as a pattern for years. Literally for at least as long as the site has existed. So here is Emily to tell you her story of her pattern “Pool Reflections.” 

When I first started dreaming up this quilt, I was spending the evening hours after work nearly every day at our local pool. My kid loves to swim, and splash. Finally she was old enough (and stable enough at swimming) to swim without me needing to be in the pool with her. For the first time, I found myself with a little daydream time while watching over her. 

Pool Reflections is meant to bring back that feeling. The light reflecting off the lines on the bottom of the pool. Closely colored patch work - reflecting the light. It also incorporates some of my favorite piecing techniques: strip piecing, and sub-cutting. A quick way to piece together your stash! 

My first sketches of this quilt included several different color options - blue and lime green! Pink, yellow, and orange! But ultimately I let my stash decide. I had the most purple and pink fabrics! 

I encourage you to start cutting straight from your stash. The pattern lists how many strips of each color you’ll need, so you can get right to it. If you're buying fabric just for this, be sure to get quarter yards cut long, instead of FQ. The extra length will make for quicker strip piecing!

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