Why I LOVE This Quilt featuring "Mum's Garden" by Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl

I am not sure exactly how long I have been a fan of the quilts made by Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl, but I suspect it was at least the first time I saw some of her quilts hanging at Quiltcon and maybe even before that (I just cannot remember if I was a fan on instagram before I saw them or seeing them turned me into an instant fan).

white woman with glasses and long, light brown hair with a patchwork quilt background

Yvonne, has a wonderful sense of line and shape and her quilts are so clean and feature bold graphic stories using very basic quilting building blocks. At Quiltcon, they grab your attention and boost your inspiration (and they win awards too)!

The award winning "Downstream" quilt

Lately she has been exploring curves like the drunkard's path block and thinking creatively on how to construct curved blocks in a way that goes beyond joining several drunkard's path blocks to make a circle or a semi-circle.

Her quilt "Mum's Garden" is a wonderful example of her creative thinking in block assembly and how being open to ideas that push you outside of your favored creative play space can bring in new opportunities and allow you to see things in new ways.

Today she is joining us to tell us "Why I Love This Quilt--Mum's Garden!"

Mum's Garden is one of my most memorable quilts to design and make.

Early in 2020, my favorite local quilt shop was set to close (due to the owners retiring) and I purchased all of their remaining Kona Cotton fabric. When I brought the fabric home, as I was bringing the bolts of fabric into my studio, I was attracted to my armload of Yarrow, Spice, and Burgundy, which is an unusual color palette for my normal blue loving heart. 

Row of solid colored bolts of fabric in a corner
Yvonne's Kona cotton bolt haul

Fast forward a few months, and at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a good friend was going through some tough times. I remembered this color grouping because the palette is most definitely colors that make me think of her.
color swatches of Kona cotton labeled bone, yarrow, spice, and burgundy
Kona cotton color swatches
As I worked through my design and piecing progress, I would use the quilt as an opportunity to check in on her to see how things were going. I would ask for her thoughts on the design and I made adjustments to make sure she would love the quilt.
drunkard's path block and an inset curved star pieced block
#CurveStarBlock next to a regular drunkard's path block

Because of this quilt, I tried out new-to-me piecing methods resulting in #CurveStarBlock and #InsetCurveStar.
But most importantly, I was able to send a quilt to a friend that I couldn't hug. 

-Yvonne Fuchs of Quilting Jetgirl

Final "Mum's Star" quilt with gorgeous curved quilting

I think we all have made a quilt to be there for a loved one in hard times, especially if we cannot actually physically be there. That feeling of making something with love really stays with me when I make quilts like this, and I love the way that Yvonne used the making process as a reminder to be present, even at a distance, with her friend! What a wonderful way to deepen the care from the quilt into calls, texts, or zoom get togethers.

Since "Mum's Garden" Yvonne has published several more patterns featuring this Curve Star Block and Inset Curve Stars including: Sky Full of Stars, Pistils & Pollen, Sesen, Sesen Skill Builder Bundle, and Meringue. The Sesen Sill Builder Bundle is particularly great if you want a little extra help as you learn this new technique.

cover of the Sesen skill builder bundle with Sesen quilt, bonus quilt, and two inset star skill builder blocks
Cover of Sesen Skill builder featuring clockwise from top left: Sesen quilt, bonus quilt with the offcuts from a Sesen quilt, inset curved star, curve star mini quilt.

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